About Us

How We Started, Fast Forward To Today...

Blue Billicat launched in Southern California in 2017 as a lifestyle brand. The intention was to use the business as a creative outlet to design unique beach boho inspired fashion pieces and bring smiles to our customers via pop-up shops and SoCal retail locations. While our focus on designing and selling accessories and home décor has remained the same, our outlet to selling products and supporting the community has shifted slightly.
Over the past several years, as we've run our business, we've quietly witnessed from the sidelines many talented salon owners who've had to shut their doors because they just couldn't afford the overhead to pursue their craft. It dawned on us that we had an opportunity to change that...to make a difference with not only our end-users (customers who love Blue Billicat products) but also the lives of those small business owners. We are now giving those creative warrior salon owners another avenue to generate passive income and support the growth and sustainability of their salons. This, we know, can not only touch small business owners, but also those who reside in the surrounding communities that long for regular beauty boosts and place to hang their hat... or buy one ; )
We're so glad to meet you, serve you, and possibly partner with you. Give us a shout to find out more about becoming a Blue Billicat Salontique Sales Partner and get ready as we collectively work to drive Blue Billicat's mission of feeding the soul with fun, inspiration, and visual flavor!
Be You. Be Real. Be Well.