Finally Making It Happen

Forty-three years on this great big earth and, just today, I finally officially say hello to the world of weaving art and design into my core. From the earliest days I can remember, I was creating--- carnivals in the driveway, puffy paint sweatshirts at my friend's house, beaded necklaces on the kitchen table, black shiny shower "really unique" curtains for my room re-model, gold lame and purple prom dresses for junior and senior years in high school, specialty bows for my first baby girl's little locks, training materials at work, new recipes (not all have been meal worthy), and the list goes on and on. Much like in all the of these stories, I am well aware that not everything I design will be well-received or "meal worthy". That said, I am on a mission to try to bring the best and most fun-filled designs I can conjure in the spirit of making you smile and brightening your days. 
I am delighted to finally be heading on a journey that will allow me to turn those 35 year old sketched purses and many years of dreams into a reality. My goal is to contribute a flare and flavor to my designs that have a positive impact on others and provide inspiration for a better, more colorful world. Today I share Blue Billicat with you. Let's do this!